Hopes and Dreams

My hopes is that at least one work that is a journey from my hopes and ideas can communicate with others what is behind the work. Even though freedom to reinterpret is a certainty I am interested in people’s reactions. I want my work to physically move people – to be a primordial jolt. I want to continue making 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional works and one day hope to exhibit in Paris or New York with a large scale installation in a public space. I am also currently studying animation and hope to one day present my pen on paper in animation and create work with artists of other disciplines. I want to work with dancers, theater artists and video artists around the world. I also hope to one day run an art space for theater and art where we can provide long needed support and nurturing of new artists and established artists where they can exhibit works with a fair curation, professional support and publicity similar to Ruang Budaya Kedia Meditirrazia that I ran for two years.

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S.E. Dewantoro

I explore the history of myself, embedded in my flesh. I never far from my own rebirth. The human being without soul is only meat. Most of my artworks are acrylic on canvas. But i’m also use pen on paper, string, wire wool and make installations.