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“Dewantoro’s work is theatrical – perpetual movement across the paper, a sense of different worlds spinning simultaneously at different speeds, choreographed noise and screams leap from the canvas. The performative effects of shadow, light and distance, create some kind of visualization of a grand opera of the soul. And like good theater, one is drawn into the trajectory of the story without understanding every word or gesture, but moving along this trajectory, the soul writhes through the flesh. Good theater like good art isn’t there to make you look clever by how you analyze it. It is there to move you – Physically.” Kerensa Johnston, writer for exhibition “ The Artist As Failure Personified.”

The exhibition Jean – An Interpretation of John Doe’s Script was large scale installation held at Ruang Buday (Cultural Space) Kedai Mediterrazia. Over 100 individual pieces were created on cardboard and plywood – some as small as 5 cm in diameter and alarge head 5 meters by 3 meters and a large foot 4meters by 2 meters. These were installed in room that was 8 meters by 8 meters with a alighting and soundscape create by Iwan Curex ( Teater Kosong 108) and Bob Teguh (Teater Creamer Box). The exhibition was opened and officiated by Bandung’s most renowned performace artist, Christiawan.

It was truly intense period of work for Dewantoro working over a two month period sometimes for 16 hours straight – cutting and sketching with glass pencil (pencil demograph) directly onto card creating tremendous vibrations and emotions.

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