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Karya Kebun Seni

I, Me, and My: An exhibtion

I, Me and My was a retrospective from Dewantoro’s time in Bali. It was a time that was filled with fears of what happened in New York. At an event in Bali to advocate peace at a certain cafe, some people could sit and eat and rink whatever they wanted while the locals couldn’t afford anything. And at that time, this ideas seemed scary – peace for all and food for some. Dewantoro’s works were created before news of Abu Graib arose though returning to the pieces and reworking them years later, one gets the sense that maybe her could see a vision of the future without empathy, with craziness. Peace at what price? Most of the works in this exhibition were simply added to.

The event was opened by DarahRouge with their live installation of bodies in the space featuring John Heryanto, Luckysan, Putu Joleyene, K. Dewantoro and Obos. The performance was repeated sequence of movements and soundscape explore Artaud’s concept of Theater of Cruelty.

‘……. but I do know that space, time, dimension, becoming, the future, the time to come, being, non-being, the self, the non-self are nothing to me; but there is one thing, one single thing, that is something, that I sense as wanting to come out: the presences of the pain in my body; the menacing never tiring presence of the body.’
Antonin Artaud in To Do with the Judgement of God.

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