That Sound Comes From Here

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That Sound Comes From Here

Exhibited at Borne Art Studio Ubud, Patrizia Autore gallery Melbourne and Black Peppers Gallery Brisbance. Some works were featured in the group exhibition Terror in the Dandenongs.

The works featured in this exhibition were acrylic on canvas created between 2001 and 2002. Thematically one can see the connection between these works and his more recent pieces – the artist being part of the artwork, the playfulness and displacement of everyday objects in both violent and humorous ways, the strong lines and colours.

“SE Dewantoro’s larger, and boldly emblazoned black and red paintings appear to move in the opposite direction to Budi’s. I thought it strange at first when the two artists explained that their work dealt with the similar theme of ‘sadness’. You might be surprised too for a minute or two when you first see the two artists’ work hanging side by side – superficially and stylistically there’s not a lot that ties the work together. But then ‘sadness’ is not a one-dimensional emotion – it might encompass grief, suffering, melancholy and depression.

Powerlessness is a state than can evoke sadness too. The intention behind SE Dewantoro’s work is a response to both big and small talk, big and small tragedy. “As an individual one may lack the power to correct the injustices of the world,” says SE Dewantoro, but the visual language can be a powerful tool in the face of powerlessness.” Victoria Cattoni, Visual Artist and Writer.

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