S.E. Dewantoro is one of the founding members of DarahRouge – a collective of artistswith varying interests ranging from theater, performance art, photography, philosophy, visual art, writing, marching band, traditional theater, documentary making amongst others and yet the one binding factor is that we all have an interest in theater.

What We Do

Many of the productions are a collaboration between S.E. Dewantoro and his wife Kerensa Johnston Dewantoro.

DarahRouge has performances available for school, campuses and other venues. The group can also tailor make performances for specific events. e specialise in text an dperformance art in collboration wiht artist events. We offer workshops and training for teachers and students of theater.

Explore Performance art and movement installation created on the river of Cikapundung, Bandung, 2014.
Concept S.E.Dewantorp

Menjahit Marat/Sade can be performed in English and Indonesian.
Text/ Performer/Director Kerensa Dewantoro.
Set Design S.E. DewantoroCreated 2013

Cooking and Murder can be performed in Indonesian or bilingually. Cooking and Murder is an excellent show for cross-curricular study dealing with issues of gender, colonialism and cross cultural dynamics. It is based on the short story Kutukan Dapur by Eka Kurniwan.
Text by Kerensa Johnston Dewantoro.
Set Design S.E.dewantoro.
Written 2008 and First performed 2013

You and Me Artaud – movement installation.
A performance combing visual art and texts of Antonin Artaud, exploring themes such as Theater of Cruelty and using a range of performance styles including Butoh and acrobatics.
Cretaed by Kerensa dewantoro in repsonses to the artworks of S.E.Dewantoro.
First performed in 2012

Acrobalance – English/ Indonesian A comical, entertaining routine that can be adapted to any event.
First performed 2011

Berithu Laura written by Kerensa Dewantoro

Red Room
written and performed by Kerensa Dewantoro.
Created in 2002. In 2014 performed at UNPAD.

Ini Perang - This is War 2011 Performance for the closing of the exhibition Ini Perang.
Created by Kerensa Dewantoro

Rina’s Chair and Nietzche’s Dream using text by Moh Syafari Firdaus and Nietsche.
Performance art created for the opening of Irfan Hendrian’s Secualr World exhibition at Asbestos Artspace 2010.

The Perfect Woman at Common Room
Created by Kerensa Dewantoro.